Back and Better than Ever. Oooo Shiny!

Cory Fowler | Microsoft | Windows Azure Technical Evangelist It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged so before I get back into the swing of things, I want to take a step back to reflect a few recent changes.

In April 2012, I joined Microsoft Corporation as a Windows Azure Technical Evangelist.

As a part of joining Microsoft, I had to relinquish my title of Windows Azure MVP. Even though it was difficult to swallow, I keep in mind that I was at the forefront of Windows Azure, an inaugural member of the Windows Azure MVP program, as well as Canada’s first [and for the longest time only] Windows Azure MVP. These thoughts are what continues to drive me to provide some great content around Windows Azure.

My role at Microsoft is focused around bringing new communities to Windows Azure focusing primarily on Open Source Technologies.

I’ve been meaning to migrate my blog to WordPress for quite some time, it just seemed much more fitting now that I can not only use WordPress as my primary blog engine, but I am able to host it on Windows Azure using one of the new features introduced in the spring preview rightfully named Windows Azure Web Sites.

Thanks for visiting my new blog and look forward to seeing some great content continue to flow on the subject of Windows Azure.

Happy Clouding!