Cloud Startup Challenge [Powered By Microsoft]

cloud-startup-challengeA few weeks ago, I was involved with a Cloud Startup Challenge at Microsoft Canada Meadowvale Campus. The Cloud Startup Challenge invited Startups from across Canada to submit their Business Plan. Out of the 500 Entries, only 5 companies were selected to participate. My role in the Cloud Startup Challenge was a Cloud Mentor. My responsibility as a Cloud Mentor was to help any of the Startups get their application up and running on Windows Azure.

The Participants

Presentation: Windows Azure for Startups

Cloud Startup Challenge Outcome

The winner of the Cloud Startup Challenge was YourVirtualButler is a Service which organizes Co-Work Spaces [like my friends at threefortynine* in Guelph]. This Software as a Service [SaaS] Application inventories and manages Shared-Space Environments keeping track of both the rooms available as well as equipment and refreshments.

Congrats! I look forward to seeing how YourVirtualButler takes off in the coming months.

* ThreeFortyNine is not a Client of YourVirtualButler