Updating to WordPress 4.2.2 on Azure App Service

This post is going to be relatively short, but I’ll update it with more information as I receive more feedback from users.

File System Issues

Recently there were some changes made in WinCache (v1.3.7.4) which reroutes file system calls such as is_dir, is_filefile_exists to a manifest in Wincache. This means that there is a potential for files that have been deleted on disk, to report as still available. This causes issues when updating WordPress, themes or plugins from a PHP script (such as the one used by the internal WordPress update tool). To remove these redirects follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a file called .user.ini (provided it doesn’t already exist)
  2. Append wincache.reroute_enabled=0 to the end of the file
  3. Upload the .user.ini file to the d:\home\site\wwwroot directory

This will remove any file system based errors which may occur during the update.

Database Issues

If you are running a giant WordPress blog on Azure App Service, there is the possibility that the database updates will take longer than the request timeout time. This will cause HTTP 5xx error messages when you are attempting to update.