Windows AzureConf is Tomorrow!

Windows AzureConf

Three years ago, I began learning about this thing called “The Cloud” at that point in time I made a decision, much like I made as a teenager to get into Web Development in the first place. The thought that lead me down this career path was “Huh, this web thing is really going to take off, I need to be a part of it.” When I heard about Cloud Computing a similar thought ran through my mind, “Wow, this cloud thing is really cool, this is definitely the way of the future.

A year into working with Windows Azure, I urged other developers to start researching the cloud [Get Started for Free] as it was still early enough to be ahead of the curve and set themselves out from the rest. Enter Windows AzureConf.

I cannot say for certain if I influenced any of these individuals in particular , but what I can say is they have also identified that the Cloud was future. Featuring a Keynote from Scott Guthrie (The Gu) as well as presentations from the Windows Azure Community drawing from their own Real-World experience with Windows Azure.

Join us for Windows AzureConf

In June we launched a number of additional features and services in to Windows Azure’s offerings, since then we have added a great deal more as highlighted in Satya Nadella’s Day 2 Keynote Address at Build.

What will be covered at Windows AzureConf

Windows AzureConf will cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • HTML5
  • WebSockets
  • Windows Azure Media Services
  • Deployment
  • Keeping Costs low
  • SignalR
  • Windows Azure Mobile Services
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Building Cloud-Scale Applications
  • Node.js
  • Compliance
  • Messaging Architectures

How can I get started?

There are a number of ways to get started with Windows Azure including the Windows Azure Training Kit, tutorials on and of course reading the blogs of our community members:

Speaker Name Twitter Blog
Andy Cross @AndyBareWeb
Sasha Goldshtein @goldshtn
Rick Garibay @rickggaribay
Mihai Tataran @mihai_tataran
Eric Boyd @ericdboyd
Panagiotis Kefalidis @pkefal
Michael Collier @MichaelCollier
Magnus Martensson @noopman

Find more great Windows Azure Community Members on the MVP Site.