How to Resolve ‘error: Cannot find file named ‘approot\bin\startup.cmd’’ for Windows Azure Startup Tasks in Visual Studio

A number of people have been coming across an issue when attempting to create Startup Tasks in their Windows Azure Deployments. Typically I’ve been packaging my deployments with the CSPack Utility which is part of the Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio. [Read: Installing PHP in Windows Azure Leveraging Full IIS Support: Part 3]

You can resolve this issue by selecting your startup script file in the Solution Explorer, and Navigating to the Properties [Alt + Enter]. The Second Item down on the List is “Copy to Output Directory” this needs to be set to either “Copy Always” or “Copy if Newer”.


In the example above, my startup script is named PowershellRun, but this could be renamed to match the startup script name in the title startup.cmd.

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