Windows Azure Examples

It was brought to my attention today that there are a lack of “Examples” on Windows Azure Applications. This completely baffled me, as I know of many sites that offer Code Snippets and Full Windows Azure Applications. To address this issue I bring you the Windows Azure Examples Blog post as a follow up to my highly acclaimed Essential Resources for Getting Started with Windows Azure Post that I co-authored with John Bristowe.

Are there Example Applications for Windows Azure?

There are a number of great resources for Finding Windows Azure Applications to help model a Cloud Based Solution; no matter what Architectural Pattern.

Open Source Solutions

Microsoft All-in-One Code Framework
AzureFest (Open Source Presentation)
Smarx Role
DeployToAzure (TFS Build Activities)
MultiTenantWebRole (NuGet: Install-Package MultiTenantWebRole)

[Microsoft] Learning Resources

Windows Azure Platform Training Kit
Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) Training Kit
Windows Azure Tools
Hadoop in Windows Azure
Windows Azure Team Blog
SQL Azure Team Blog
Windows Azure Storage Team Blog
Windows Azure Code Samples
Windows Azure How-To Topics

[Community] Learning Resources

Windows Azure Samples
Windows Azure Storage Samples