TechEd2011: The Future of Visual Studio ALM

Brian Keller [Former Enemy of The Cloud Cover Show] and Cameron Skinner outline the new features that are coming to the Microsoft Platform in terms of Application Lifecycle Management.

Historical Debugging with Intellitrace

One Feature of Visual Studio 2010 that has been a game changer in my Development Process is Intellitrace. Intellitrace is a History Debugging Platform that allows you to step through the execution chain of your applications to help you debug a problem that you are facing in your application.

Coming in the future is the ability to use Intellitrace in Production. This allows you to deploy the bits for Intellitrace on your Production Server [Yes, there is a slight performance hit when using Intellitrace]. When using Intellitrace in the Production environment you can able Trace Capturing using Powershell.

Once you’ve found the issue in production, you can stop [or suspend] the tracing which has been generating an itrace file which can then be Imported into Visual Studio.

Product Templating in Powerpoint

Let’s face it, Managers and Stakeholder are not the best at wire framing, and we’re getting tired of napkin drawings. Microsoft is working on a feature which is an add-in for Powerpoint which will allow Product Stakeholders, or Developers to Prototype Applications in Powerpoint. Everyone and their mother can use Powerpoint, especially Business Decision makers.

This new extension will allow for creation of unique shapes and allow you to create templated shapes for different controls that you may have created for your Applications.

New Features in Team Foundation Server Web Access

Team Foundation Server has been around for quite some time now, and Web Access has been around for nearly as long. However the way we use the web and how interactive the web experience has become has made Web Access look rather out of date. The new features to Web Access include a lot of Ajax-y goodness.

You’ll be able to:

  • Reorder Tasks using Drag and Drop
  • Move Work Items into Sprints
  • Move Features across the Storyboard

This will allow BDMs to be able to re-organize the teams schedule and work items easily and seamlessly without the need to have Visual Studio Team Explorer.

New Features to Visual Studio for ALM

There were too many new features flying out in this session for me to keep up typing witty comments around the features, so here is a list of Great Enhancements to Visual Studio in vNext:

  • Backing up your environment
    • Avoids long interruptions in context switching
    • Replaces tool windows to where they were
  • “The Hub”
    • Development Dashboard when you enter VS.Next
    • Build onto Team Navigator
  • Analyze Solution for Code Clones
    • Finds Copy/Paste
    • Finds Refactor Points
      • Symantecly similar Code Blocks
      • Exact “Copy/Paste” Code snippets across a solution
  • Unit Test Explorer
    • Extenders: xUnit, nUnit, more to come…
    • runs much faster!
  • Provisional Tab
    • Helps avoid Clutter in the Doc-Well

I know this isn’t very useful, but I’ll be sure to expand on each of these points in coming posts.

Thanks for Joining me for my Live Blog of the Foundation Session on the Future of ALM on the Microsoft Platform.