Toronto AzureFest Wrap-up.

This week I presented back to back nights [March 30,31] in Toronto [despite having a cold]. The Original AzureFest Event under went a little bit of a make over, updating the slides with new features of SDK 1.3 as well as providing a little more information about how Windows Azure works under the covers.


In the spirit of getting more Canadians [or anyone for that matter] on the Windows Azure Platform, ObjectSharp releasing the content for anyone to download, learn and/or deliver. You can find the Resources for AzureFest on the AzureFest Event Landing Page.

If you’re interested in presenting an AzureFest in your area, feel free to track me down on teh twitterz. Don’t forget to check back on my blog here for some coverage on the modifications I made to the NerdDinner Project to be able to provide two files to the attendees to deploy a project using nothing but the web.