What can you code in 6 Weeks?

The Windows PhoneGreat Canadian Apportunity” Contest has been running since February 1st 2011. This contest is a Battle of Canadian Developers to make a Great Windows Phone 7 Application or Game.


If you didn’t know about this contest you have 6 weeks left to Register, Submit Your Idea, Develop your Application [Learning Resources], and Submit your App.

Here’s a little Secret

If you look at how the applications are being judged there is one section that not many applicants have picked up on, this is the part of Cloud Integration.

Around my blog you will find many Useful Resources for Windows Azure Development, if you want to get a jump in the competition with a minimal amount of lead time [remember there is only 6 weeks left] I would look to the cloud to bring your application into the forefront.

Getting Started with Windows Azure

To begin your application you can use the Windows Azure SDK & Tools to provide a local development environment by leveraging both the Compute Emulator and Storage Emulator. These two tools give you the ability to Develop and Test your Application with an Environment similar to the Windows Azure Production Platform.

Once you’ve got your application going and tested locally it’s time to take to the Cloud. To do this Microsoft has made available Windows Azure Pass Tokens which gives you a free month on Windows Azure without the need for a credit card.

Need to get a better understanding of how Windows Azure Works? Join me for AzureFest in Toronto & Mississauga on March 30th and 31st for more details on how to get setup for your venture in the cloud. Not in Toronto? Check out the Canadian Developer Connection Blog for more AzureFest dates near you.

Good Luck & Happy Clouding!