Post #AzureFest Follow-up Videos

On Saturday, I presented how to Register for Windows Azure, Install and Configure the Azure Tools & SDK; as well as Deploy an application to Windows Azure. This presentation was part of a joint effort between Microsoft Canada and ObjectSharp called AzureFest.

Microsoft Canada has made a great offering to Canadian User Groups. For each member that deploys an application to Windows Azure and submits a Screenshot of their Application, the User Group is awarded $25.

To make the process easier for your members Barry Gervin and I have created some easy to follow, step-by-step videos of the content.

Registering for the Windows Azure Introductory Offer

In this video, Barry Gervin and Cory Fowler walk through the Introductory Offer Registration Wizard [Credit Card Required].

Signing up for the Windows Azure Introductory Offer

Deploying Nerd Dinner via Windows Azure Portal

To demo how simple it is to upload a Cloud Service Package using the Windows Azure Platform Portal. Barry and I have compiled and bundled a demo Cloud Service Package and Cloud Service Configuration file (Windows Azure Deployment Bundle Download) and have explained how to deploy this package. Don’t forget to send your email off to cdnazure @ Microsoft [dot] com with the name of your user group, and the screenshot.

Deploy Nerd Dinner Cloud Service Package via Windows Azure Portal

Removing your Deployment

The Windows Azure Introductory Special only offers 25 (small) compute hours per month, you’ll want to remove your deployment so you don’t end up getting charged.

Removing your Deployment from Windows Azure Portal

Barry and I will be creating 3 more videos to complete a series with more content from AzureFest. Be sure to check the ObjectSharp Events Page for Upcoming Windows Azure Training Sessions.