Windows Phone 7 Developer Briefings Tomorrow


Have you heard? Windows Phone 7 is growing rapidly in popularity. Now is the time to pull out that Idea book that has been collecting dust over the past few years. Come out to Windows Phone 7 Developer Briefings and learn to write some application for a Market Place that isn’t littered with Fart Apps and Make your mark on the Windows Phone Platform.

Sl_v_rgb_rMark Arteaga from RedBit Development will be showing off the Silverlight Development Environment on the Phone. You’ll get a great overview of how to interact with the features programmatically.

xnalogoI will be covering the XNA Framework Development Environment on the Phone. Walking you through how to use XNA, Leverage Phone Features in your Game, and cover off some optimization techniques for games programming.

For more information on the Developer Briefing head over to the Canadian Developer Connection Blog.

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  • Cory Fowler did a bang up job at the Windows Phone 7 Developer Briefing in Toronto. He involved the audience to overcome development issues unique to the WP7 platform, making it much easier to overcome the same issues we ran into accidentally. Cory made the audience feel important.

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