Help Me, Help You… Windows Azure at Tech Days.

techdays_magnify Today at 5pm I received an important email that I had been waiting for, this email confirmed me as being a Session Leader at Tech Days 2010 in Canada.  This means I will be creating the slides and demos that will appear in the “Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to Build Applications that run on Windows Azure”.  I have been speaking on Windows Azure across Canada, and up until now I’ve been showing off what I wanted to show you, now it’s your turn.

It’s a hard knock life, for us

office-space Being a Developer is challenging at times, we have to figure out the problems of the world. Although we all live in the same world, we all face different challenges; currently my challenge is to encompass a little bit of each of your lives into one hour of your time. This leaves me with one question what are the battles you’re going to be taking into the cloud? For this I need your help, Please leave a comment, or Contact me and let me know one thing that you think you can benefit from knowing about Windows Azure.