You asked, Microsoft Delivered. Free Time on Windows Azure.

If you were one of the developers at one of my talks that was tempted to try Windows Azure, but didn’t want to pay to give the platform a shot, here is your chance.  Previously, the only way to get some time on Azure was to have an MSDN Subscription but Microsoft noticed that a lot of their audience that wanted to try out the Azure a Platform didn’t have a subscription.

Microsoft has announced the Windows Azure Introductory Special which offers 25 free hours per month on a Small instance, a Web Edition SQL Azure Database, 2 Service Bus connections to AppFabric, and 500MB of Transfers coming to, and going from the Cloud.  This is a fairly decent starting point for someone trying to launch an existing application to Windows Azure.

How do I get started?

If you just came across my blog there are a few posts that you may want to check out to get up to speed on Windows Azure:

You can also get some tools and an a free IDE to help you deploy your project to the cloud.

Where do I sign up?

Head on over to the Windows Azure Offers page, and click the Buy Now button under the Introductory Special.

What do I do next?

Head out to TechDays 2010 for some Training on Windows Azure.


The Microsoft DPE Team in Canada is Dedicated to answering your questions about Windows Azure. If you have a question you would like to ask directly to a Microsoft Representative email the Canadian team at