Return of the Energized – MSY-ATL-YYZ

Last week I was in New Orleans, Louisiana with Sean Kearney, Mitch Garvis, John Bristowe, Damir Bersinic, Ruth Morton, Rick Claus and about 10,000 other Developers and IT Pros from across the World. We were all attending TechEd North America a four day Conference put on by Microsoft to train Developers, IT Pros and Managers about new Technologies and Best Practices while using Microsoft Software and Development Tools. I was Particularly interested in attending as many Windows Azure, Windows Phone 7, and Developer Fundamentals sessions as possible.

251 After watching so many keynote addresses of Microsoft Conferences online, it was quite amazing to finally be one of the live audience members on location. I didn’t get the best seat in the house, but it definitely will be an experience I will not soon forget. Outlined in the keynote were many enhancements to Windows Azure, Bing Maps, Office Communication Server, System Center as well as Power Pivot [a new feature in Excel 2010] and Pivot Viewer.


The pre-Keynote performance was by a local band which got the crowd Energized, which isn’t an easy task when your audience is full of Developers and IT Pros at 8:30am on a Monday morning.

The keynote, although not a very launch heavy address, was mind blowing.  Watching a keynote via a Browser and a Silverlight video player doesn’t do justice to everything that is going on.  Literally 10,000+ Developers and IT Pros mesmerized by the demos of the tools in which we use in our day to day lives.



I look forward to attending a future Microsoft Conference, as TechEd 2010 was my first large scale conference.


Some advice on attending conferences

Windows Azure Data ContainerFirst off, don’t schedule a block of three conferences over a span of three weeks, not only is it exhausting, but you really don’t get the chance to appreciate each conference, the somewhat blend together. Travelling between Montreal, Regina, and New Orleans was a crazy adventure, and I left little room for fault tolerance, luckily nothing went wrong.

Secondly, Make sure you leave a few hours for the Expo. The Expo is a great resource for swag and other possibly great connections. I didn’t spend nearly enough time collecting free T-shirts (I only got 7 or so), or getting demo software, but I did walk out of the Expo with some great stuff. I also managed to see a Windows Azure Data Center up close and personal, as well as getting to meet many people on the Windows Azure team [Watch for an upcoming blog post on an interview I did with David Robinson of the SQL Azure Team].

Last but not least, follow up! You’re spending a few days at a conference which is an information overload on it’s own. Be sure to note which sessions you liked, and where the resources will be posted so you are able to review the content again. Luckily Microsoft was kind enough to post the sessions publicly on the Microsoft TechEd Website.

One Last Thing

Cory Fowler in a Windows Azure Data Container

I’m in the Cloud, Everybody take a look at me!