Doin’ TechEd – Speed Up in Visual Studio

Some of the neat hidden features in Visual Studio 2010 that not too many people know about. These tips were learnt during the #Dev315 Session at TechEd North America.

Zooming your Code in Visual Studio 2010

[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [<] or [>]

Love your Visual Studios 2010 Windows Layout?

You can save out your windows layout which is included in the Export Settings Dialog located under the Tools Menu. Take it home, Screw with your co-workers, or share it online.

Navigate hidden tabs from your keyboard

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Down]

Navigate To…

Instead of using the Solution Explorer you can use the Navigate to Menu to search through files in your solution. To open this use:

[Ctrl] + [,]

Writing Throw Away Code

A lot of Developers break complex code down to Console Applications, this is something that I practice when I’m running into issues. This can litter your hard drive with a whole lot of temporary projects. Avoid this by disabling Save new project when created feature in Options.

Visual Studio 2010 Options - Disabled Save New Project When Created

Smart Tag Shortcut

Opening the menu when you have “Background Squiggles” can be easily done with [Ctrl] + [.]