The Trek to TechEd North America, Part 1

The Journey has begun, Sean Kearney and I are off to New Orleans for TechEd North America 2010.  Starting the evening off in Good Humor, on the way to my first Coffee stop at Starbucks on Clair and Gordon in Guelph, Ontario, there was a young man streaking down the main arterial road. After my quick stop in Starbucks, I again witnessed the streaking gentlemen try to enter the Shoppers Drug Mart.

The Quest for the Holy Grail Crazy Sean

First stop on the tour was the Milton GO station to pick up Sean from his tour from Oshawa. It was a Dark and Stormy Saturday night, we settled into my pickup truck looked at each other, and screamed at the top of our lungs “WE’RE GOING TO TECHED!”  Our Quest continued to the QEW to Buffalo.  We make it down to the border, we allocated for a 2 hour wait at the border, assuming some traffic at the border.  Our actual border time was approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds, landing us at the airport with 4 hours before our flight.

Early AM at the Airport

the_borgInstead of paying for the Boingo, Sean plugs in his AirCard and configures it to allow multiple connections. Out of my backpack I pull out one of the two CAT5 Cables I keep on hand for such an occasion and connect between our two laptops creating a Pseudo-LAN [We are the Borg].

Waiting patiently for our flight, we crack open our first (of 2 Red Bulls each) and chow down on some Corn nuts.  We’re pumped and ready to get on our flight, and just about to head up to cross security post. Look forward to more updates on our trek to New Orleans!