Its been a while.…

First off I’d like to apologize for the lack of Posts during the month of January. Things got quite busy and I couldn’t dedicate any time towards posting on my blog, but I would like to know that I have been thinking about blogging and have been a little bit anxious because I haven’t been blogging.  I would however like to let you know that I will be taking a break from freelancing work to focus and blogging again for the next few months.

What you’ve missed

Just to catch you up on what’s been going on in my world.

Leaving RKD

After a short three months I decided to move on from my role at RKD Web Studios. I had a great time getting to know the staff, and really enjoyed the environment. It just didn’t feel like a proper fit within my career goals. Thank you very much guys for being extremely welcoming, and very understanding.

Starting at Innosphere

I left my position at RKD to pursue a career with Innosphere Systems Development Group. Innosphere is an outsourced software provider, they can provide developers to increase the size of your team, provide software testing or QA for a project, or take on a complete project depending on your needs.  I am working on site at a clients office re-building an existing php application to an code-base.

Windows Azure

If you haven’t already noticed I am quite focused on Windows Azure. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, even thought I haven’t been able to blog about it.  Make sure you keep checking out my blog in the coming weeks/months as I will be starting back into a regular schedule of blogs on everything Azure. Here are a few things i’ll be blogging about:

  • Windows Identity Foundation (WIF)
  • Interoperability in Windows Azure (PHP, Ruby, Python, etc..)
  • SQL Azure
  • Codename “Dallas”

If you want to see me present on Windows Azure you will be able to find me at the following events:


Guelph Coffee and Code has been going very well. On March 4th we will be celebrating our One Year Anniversary.  There has been many ups and downs as you will experience with any social group, but I am confident in it’s purpose and hope to see the group grow more in the coming months.

At Canada’s Technology Triangle Dot Net User Group, I am still the speaker coordinator, and am looking for speakers for the coming months. If you’re interested in speaking on the last Wednesday of March, April, or May, please Contact me.

Green Light your Windows 7 Application Today!

Is your application compatible with Windows® 7 and Windows Server® 2008 R2? Register and green light it before February 28, 2010, and you’ll automatically be entered in our Get the Green Light contest for a chance to win $7,000 or 1 of 5 Netbooks! Plus, you’ll get exclusive access to Partner benefits.

New Windows 7 features like Taskbar Progress and Taskbar menus are extremely useful. It’s one of the most helpful new features of Windows 7 (besides the Window Docking, which just ROCKS!), so you should be sure to build this functionality into your new applications that are getting targeted on the Windows Platform.



Last year I decided to give some of my time to help out at a Volunteering Event involving High  School students from around Guelph.  This year I’ve decided to join the Student Volunteer Engagement Committee.  I am the Community Volunteer on the Committee and hope that giving a small amount of my time will make a big impact on Students around the Guelph and Wellington District.  I hope to encourage youth to get actively involved in the community and volunteer their time towards a better tomorrow.

I’ll be helping to Organize, and will be taking photos at this years Ontario Youth Challenge!CTW_eng_396x200

The Challenge is three weeks long this year starting the week of National Volunteer Week. There will be a day long event on a Saturday during the challenge that will allow students to volunteer at a non-profit organization in Guelph.  All hours are part of the Ontario Government 40 Volunteer hour legislation.


I’m glad we’ve had the opportunity to catch up, I look forward to putting out some worth while content soon, so be sure to check back!

Until then, Happy Coding!

Cory Fowler