New heights for Guelph Coffee and Code

A new year is upon us, and things are starting to get back into full swing. Guelph Coffee and Code will be meeting tomorrow for the first time this year but I couldn’t wait to give an update on the things that are happening in our group.

Telerik creators of productivity tools for the .NET Platform,Telerik - Deliver more than expected including my new favorite code analysis and refactoring tool JustCode, will be sponsoring Guelph Coffee and Code.  Telerik will be providing us with some swag to give away at some meetings, and they would like to help get our own website [] up and running using their product Sitefinity .NET CMS.

If you haven’t been out to Guelph Coffee and Code it’s never too late to start coming out, be sure to check out the Coffee and Code Website for details of each event.  Pizza is provided to group members by Microsoft Canada.

If you would like to help out Guelph Coffee and Code and become a sponsor contact me or find me on twitter @SyntaxC4.

I’d like to thank Microsoft Canada, Telerik, Synn Studios and all of the members of Guelph Coffee and Code for making this community event possible.  I’d also like to give credit to Joey deVilla for inventing the Coffee and Code  event.