Latest Windows Azure Project Conversion…

While Guelph Coffee and Code was participating in the Technology Focus Panel on Windows Azure, I attempted to upload the BlogEngine.Net sample from Code Plex during my demo on how to deploy to the Windows Azure Platform.

During the Publishing Step there were a number of Errors while it was trying to compile the project. These errors are due to a namespace change that you can read about in my blog post Moving from the ‘ServiceHosting’ to ‘WindowsAzure’ Namespace and a follow up post entitled Windows Azure Guest Book – Refactored. [I will be writing a post shortly on the Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics namespace which replaced the RoleManager.WriteToLog()].

I will be deploying the BlogEngine.Net application to Windows Azure and am looking for Developers that have been deploying Projects into the Cloud to post their experiences on the blog.  If you would like to guest write on the Canadian Windows Azure Experience Blog please contact me with a link to your Windows Azure application and I will create an account for you.

If you would like to host your blog in the cloud, here are the updated files for the Azure  BlogEngine.Net application for Windows Azure. Feel free to download the project and use it for your own blog in the cloud.

Windows Azure