A little ditty about Guelph Coffee and Code


It’s an amazing how one simple concept can grow an amazing community. It all started with  one simple question What’s Brewing Here? Joey deVilla, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Canada, took to the streets to work one day a week in a coffee shop in order to connect with local Developers.  I wasn’t able to attend the first Coffee and Code, but I thought the idea was brilliant. I decided that it was something that was simple enough to do that I would start my own Coffee and Code group, thus Guelph Coffee and Code was born, the Tuesday following the first [Toronto] Coffee and Code.

Tonight we wrapped up the 41st meeting of Guelph Coffee and Code, and it’s come a long way from me sitting by myself at a local Coffee shop.  We have recently moved into a new venue ‘Synnema’ a screening room for a local media production company Synn Studios.  This new location will give us the ability to do presentations, and collaborate as an entire team as opposed to micro teams.








I have started to plan for the Anniversary of Guelph Coffee and Code, which would officially land on February 24th, but will be held on March 4th. My Plan is to bring Educators, Publishers and Software Vendors into Coffee and Code to give our community a chance to learn about what is out there for them to Advance their skills, or increase productivity with third party tools.


If you would like to attend, or sponsor the event [Door Prize, or Funding] please contact me through either the Contact Form or by snapping my Microsoft Tag.