Cloud9: Deploying your First Windows Azure App.

For some this may be your first visit to my blog, for others you may have been here before.  With any luck the reason you are here reading is that you are looking forward to launching an application into the Windows Azure Cloud.  During the course of the Guelph Coffee and Code Technology Focus Panel on Windows Azure, I had noticed that some of the attendees had a hard time following the screen cast that I did in my post Floating up into the Windows Azure Cloud.

When getting started at something new it’s tempting to download the Tools & SDK and hit the road running. This is a technique that I can say I’ve used on several occasions, not always turning out for the best [if you followed my Tweets under #cdnazure, you’d notice it took 13 hours to launch my first Windows Azure Application].  Wait! don’t run off just yet. I know that 13 hours seems scary, but I purposely skipped watching and reading the training to try to learn all that I could on my own.  Once I got stuck, I returned to the getting started section of the Windows Azure site and reviewed the training materials.

This video below describing how to deploy the myTodo application from the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit was definitely the best resource for learning how to configure all the pieces of the Windows Azure Platform.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Believe me when I say that 13 minutes of your life will seem like an instant over the 13 hours you could spend debugging something that is brand new to you.

I hope your deployments to Windows Azure go smoothly. Until next time, Happy Coding!