Polymorphic Podcast Shouts out JTweetr

As you may recall I got my first shout out on Polymorphic Podcast a few weeks ago. Well shortly after my shout out I asked Craig Shoemaker if he was planning on converting his 57 archived shows into fast feeds, as they were very friendly to listen to while you are working away at your workstation or cubical. Sadly, due to the time commitment Craig didn’t think he’d be able to do it. I loved them so much that I asked if I could convert them for him.

Craig plans to release 2 of the converted Polymorphic podcast fast feed archives each week from his first show until he catches up to the current show as a sort of a ‘Blast From the Past!’.  If you are a .NET programmer and would like to learn more about Best Practices, and Useful Development Tools be sure to check out The Polymorphic Podcast in either Fast Feed or Regular Speed.

I hope to possibly one day appear on The Polymorphic Podcast show.  Possibly giving a quick chat about developing on Windows Azure. Regardless of the topic, it would be quite the honor.

Thanks for the shout-outs and the continued support Craig!