CTTDNUG Presentation: MVVM in Silverlight

You may or may not be aware but I am currently the speaker coordinator for the Canadian Technology Triangle .Net User Group [CTTDNUG]. I have been finding presenters since June 2009. On occasion, it is difficult to find a speaker due to the busy seasons when there are a lot of professional development conferences going on.  We turn our search for presenters inward to our Organization Committee, or to people within the Group.

With the Microsoft Tech Days Conference series crossing Canada this year, there has been a few occasions where the organization committee had to step up to present.  In September, Dave Totzke from Object Sharp did a presentation on Silverlight 3. Unfortunately I missed Dave’s presentation, but I’ll see if I can get it off of him to post.  As a follow up to Dave’s presentation, on October 28th I hit the stage with a presentation on MVVM, a design pattern for making Silverlight applications.

In order for the group to be able to benefit from the lecture, I am blogging to share my presentation slides and Sample code.  Hopefully you’ve read my last post ’Podcast Shout-out’, as the concept of my demo was borrowed from a Screen-Cast on Craig Shoemaker’s Pixel 8 blog.

Just incase you would like to read up on M-V-VM a bit more here are some of the resources I used to learn it.

At the time of this posting it is shortly before PDC, John Papa is in the works of creating a blog post comparing the different implementations of MVVM. I will be sure to update this post once his blog posting comes out.

Here’s my presentation for those of you that wish to check it out:

Demo   Slides