Podcast Shout-Out

I’m sorry for the delay on my posts, and I should be working on the  Canadian Technology Triangle .NET User Group [CTTDNUG] MVVM Presentation post, which I also have open currently in Windows Live Writer (download here). However, I thought I’d take a few minutes to put this post up as I’ve been lucky enough to have a very special thing happen to me recently.

As some of you may be aware I enjoy seeking out and implementing best practice solutions into  the code that I write. So over the past year or so, I’ve been slowly catching up on podcasts on the topic.  The one that I enjoy listening to the most is The Polymorphic Podcast hosted by Craig Shoemaker from Infragistics. Craig is the New Media Evangelist and is constantly interviewing developers that have either been a part of the development team that is working on, or have worked extensively with, new Microsoft based Technologies.

Way back in April when I first signed up for twitter, I went through a list of key industry people that I wanted to be able to keep up with on a regular basis, and Craig was one of the first people on my list. If I ever neglected my RSS Feeds I knew that twitter would be a great resource to keep me up-to-date on emerging technologies. As my experience with twitter progressed, I began to leave my shell of “virtual stocking” my icons in the Development field, and actually providing input, and reaching out to them, to help or provide feedback on what they were tweeting.

Going about my duties at RKD Web Studios, I took a quick look at my twitter feed [Give Digsby a try] waiting for a page to render and sitting in my DM tab is a tweet from Craig Shoemaker himself. “Hey have you heard the latest podcast?”. So I head on over to http://www.polymorphicpodcast.com and check out the latest podcast on ASP.NET AJAX Preview 6 and checked out the new Fast-Feed [which if you’ve ever tried to work and listen to a normal speed podcast at the same time, you will begin to appreciate].  At the end of the podcast Craig gave a personal Shout-Out to me, thanking me for my support over twitter.  I was so excited, I literally got all the people in the studio listen to it.

If you’re interested in listening to Craig’s podcasts and screen casts [I can definitely recommend it!] check out these RSS Feeds: