Silverlight 3 Tour Overview: Part 4

Bruce_In_ActionOver the past four days I’ve been getting up early, driving to Milton and hoping on the GO train and heading into Toronto. Today was the last day of the Object Sharp Silverlight 3 Tour.

If you haven’t read my experience over the past three days, feel free to check out my past blog posts: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.

To the Right, meet our instructor Bruce Johnson, Bruce is the resident WPF Expert at Object Sharp. Bruce was very knowledgeable, he invited the class to ask questions as we went through the content, which was very helpful, and kept the class focused on learning. He was also very punctual, delivering all the content that was required and also giving us course time to complete our labs.

ComputersThe classroom equipment was incredible, a brand new laptop and a second monitor.  To the right, you’ll see the set-up, the picture includes my laptop as I was getting ready to publish the Part 3 blog post.

The classroom located at the Toronto Star Building [1 Yonge St. Toronto, Ontario at Queens Quay] provided a nice quiet learning environment with sufficient space for our 11 person class. The classroom was open starting at 8:15am so you were able to come in early to work on your labs if you didn’t finish them during class hours, and it closed after the last person left. Here’s a contrast of morning to mid-class.

Morning Classroom Afternoon Classroom

On Day 4, We covered how to get data into our Silverlight applications. We covered how to use SOAP based ASMX Services, and Restful WCF Services. Not having the opportunity to use WCF Services before, Bruce was very helpful to help me along the learning curve of the newer technology.

Here’s our Graduating class. The photo on the left has Training Manager Julie James, the photo on the right has Training Coordinator Sofia Intounas.

Class_Picture_Julie Class_Picture_Sofia

I had a lot of fun meeting people from different business sectors that share a similar passion with development that I have.  Some cam for Silverlight, others came for training and are leaving excited about integrating Silverlight into their projects.  Of course any training session wouldn’t be complete without recognition for the time spent learning. Our Reward!