Silverlight 3 Tour Overview: Part 3

Hopefully with any luck, if you’re reading this post you’ve already read Part 1, and Part 2.  If you haven’t, the posts don’t follow a story, though there are a few references to previous post, so you won’t get lost, but You might find some benefit to reading them.

Day 3 of the Silverlight 3 Tour much like day 2, was packed full of content. I would say that Day three would be the most important session to hit so far in the Course.  Today we covered the bread and butter of Silverlight 3, Data Binding and Styling.  As you could probably get away with not learning the full potential of the Styling in Silverlight 3, getting an overview of how you can nest your styles would be a essential asset to a Designer, or if you’re like me where you are normally the one responsible for styling your own User Experiences.

When it comes to data binding in Silverlight, if  you haven’t had the chance to try WPF data binding, you’re in for a HUGE treat. This is something that in quite handy, if you remember from Part 2, your designer is able to make “Mock Data”, and this data can be bound to the controls as they are designing.  If you have your developer and designer collaborate during this process, your designer can create all the binding references your developer needs.  If the “Mock Data” is made in such a way that the properties reflect your actually business objects, the introduction of your production data will integrate seamlessly.

The most unique thing about yesterdays session, would have to be the lunch break.  During lunch other Object Sharp consultants were invited in as a open forum so you have the ability to meet their team and ask questions, not only about Silverlight, but if you had something that has been lingering in the back of your head they had an Expert for any Technology in .NET.  It was really nice to be able to get to know some of the other consultants that I haven’t been able to meet at previous lectures.

It is disappointing that the 4 days are nearly over, but I already feel confident that I could make some great applications in Silverlight 3. I’m looking forward to Day 4, which I haven’t had the chance to read over what we’re doing, so it will be a nice surprise to see what the future has in store.