The Tables have Turned, Trainer to Trainee

I really enjoyed the ability to be a speaker at Tech Days 2009 in Toronto [Read about my Experience], Silverlight has been one of the topics that i’ve always been interested in, but haven’t had the ability to use it in a professional setting.  I just finished up my first week at RKD Web Studios a Website design and development company in Guelph, Ontario.  RKD is looking to start providing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) with Silverlight, which will add to an already stellar line up of Services including Standard Website Design/Development, Mobile Website Design/Development, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Hosting, and Multimedia Services (Podcasting, blogs, audio, video, and flash integration).

I have been following Object Sharp, Barry Gervin, Bruce Johnson, Rob Windsor and Colin Bowern on twitter for some time now.  I’ve had the privilege to sit in on presentations put on by these consultants at various User Group Meetings and Technical Conferences over the past 3 years. On Friday, I received a message from Object Sharp letting me know that there was still a seat available at their ‘Silverlight 3 Tour‘.  After their session “Silverlight on the Silverscreen” back in July 2009, I have wanted to take a training course on Silverlight 3. After careful consideration, and an amazing boss, I have next week (my second week on the job) off, so I can participate in the Silverlight 3 Tour.

Look forward to a day by day wrap up of my experience in the training session at Object Sharp’s Head Quarters at 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, Ontario.