Toronto TechDays Speaker

Over the past year I’ve been getting more involved in the Technology Community. Knowing you can only learn so much between the hours of 9-5, I took to my personal time to start learning other Frameworks, Technologies, and Patterns & Practices.  After making my way in to new areas of the .Net Framework I thought it would be a great idea to start studying for my MCTS: Client Based Web Development Certificate.  I bought the Self Paced Training books [Exam: 70-536, Exam: 70-528] online and started reading it. I’ve never really noticed how easy it was to get distracted at home, I’d start into a chapter, and the next thing I knew I was cleaning my room.

One day I was looking at my RSS Feed and noticed a post from Joey deVilla on Canadian Developer Connection blog, his post on this new idea of “Coffee and Code” where he makes himself available for developers to come out to a Coffee shop and work along side him, and potentially ask questions about the MS .NET Platform.  Unfortunately, I read the blog post too late to make it out, but I though what an amazing idea, and the following Tuesday I launched “Guelph Coffee and Code”.  Sure, I was a Junior Developer, and had no ties with Microsoft, but I figured why not meet more Developers in my area, share our knowledge, maybe teach each other things from our own personal experience.  On August 17th, Guelph Coffee and Code Celebrated 6 months of operation but that’s a completely different story all together.

I also became involved with the Canadian Technology Triangle Dot Net User Group (CTTDNUG for short).  The group was dormant for approximately 9 months, so I got the gears grinding again and was able to launch an event in June.  I now hold the title of Speaker Coordinator and manage to pull in speakers from around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to come down to kitchener to speak at CTTDNUG.

After 3 paragraphs I know you’re asking yourself, did Cory forget what this blog post is about? The answer is no, I wanted to share some of my advances in my Technicological Community before I got into the main story.

With the Starting to follow User Groups, I heard about Toronto Code Camp put on by Chris Dufour, and a wide range of other developers. So I signed up to go. I had my whole day planned out, I was going to volunteer in the morning, and catch the last 3 or 4 topics of the day.  So i started out the day helping out the Volunteer Centre of Guelph-Wellington with the 2009 Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge Change the World Day of Action!  The event goes off with out a hitch, and I’m off to Toronto for Toronto Code Camp.

While on my way to Toronto I end up getting held up on the Gardiner Expressway due to an accident. So, after literally standing on the Gardiner I finally make it into the Manulife building and am greeted by Joey deVilla.  I explain the days events to Joey, who intern says he has a question to ask me that may cheer me up [He’s Happily Married, Get your minds out of the gutter!]. Joey explains to me that he is responsible for finding speakers for Tech Days 2009, and wanted to know if I would be interested in Speaking.  I accepted!

I will be speaking September 29, 2009 on What’s New in Silverlight 3!